The Voice of Wisdom
What has wisdom got to say this morning? To me, He said, “There is purpose and direction for everyone under the sun. And for every purpose, there is time, season, chance, location and decision, all of which are left to your discretion.
You have a choice to make; either to watch the time and season go or to cease it and redeem the time for the days are evil.
You got to choose if you will take the direction He is leading you through and settle for your location per season, or to follow your desires for recognition and stay where God does not want you to be in time.
You have a chance to live your life for the purpose for which you were created but the choice is totally yours to make.” My God will not interfere. It is up to you.
Like a man who is sent on a journey to a land he has never been before to get a prized talent, and was presented with a road map to make his journey easier. He could decide to ignore the road map and have a wonderful adventure. He would only be frustrated because he would keep going round and round and coming back to the same point. He would take several paths that would lead nowhere and he might get too tired to continue, or even die in the process, never getting to enjoy the fulfillment of discovering the package.
Or he could decide to use the road map, make the right navigations and arrive at his destination very early, get the prized package and discover that all he needs to succeed in life is in the package and its right use.
What better way to live life than to just follow the master plan for one’s life, live purposefully, and save a lot of time (redeem the time), free from confusion and frustration. Only that way can a life be fulfilled, for fulfillment comes from fulfilling your ministry.